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we guarantee


mother nature

We can't guarantee you will catch fish but your chances are pretty good! After all, it's called "fishing", not "catching". We will work our hardest to help you land the big one, and we can assure you we do guarantee you will have fun trying!

the trip of a lifetime

Whether you are fishing or not, the trip to Ocean Falls won't disappoint! Being surrounded by the sights and sounds of the Great Bear Rainforest is something everyone needs to experience at least once!

down home hospitality

At Davis Fishing Charters we love what we do! Our biggest asset is our laid back attitude, and down home hospitality! Be prepared to be fed well to ensure you have the strength for adventure!

your safety

Your safety is our main concern, and our staff and guides have the experience to know what to do in any situation. It is our sole responsibility to make the right decisions regarding weather, and any other safety concerns. We've got your back!